Branding & identity

Branding and Identity

In Alfalfa Comunicació Gràfica we work the branding and corporate identity of companies and products and their different applications to corporate or commercial supports as part of the communication and marketing strategy of companies. In the process of building the brand, it is necessary to study the attributes and values ​​of the brand, the environment, the market, the competition and the public with which it is related. After knowing the identity and the environment, the design will be based on creating a unique image with personality that responds to the proposed communication and positioning objectives. The naming, the chromatic range, the typography or the baseline are the graphic aspects that help us in the development of the brand. The graphic or logo result and the effort in the branding strategy will be the ones that turn it into a strong brand with intangible values ​​such as credibility or singularity making the consumer / buyer / user perceive it as it is our goal to position it.

In Alfalfa we work from all points of view to make the brand a powerful capital for the company and we collaborate with the marketing experts in the creation process, to offer a more complete vision of the market and of the sector enriching the process.

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