Packaging Design

We are specialists in packaging design. We work for very diverse sectors like food, perfumery, chemical or pharmaceutical. The packaging design process is complex and requires detailed development. The study of competition, market and sector, public or distribution are aspects that will determine the project, but packaging also influence other aspects that greatly condition the process. The dies, the type of print, the materials or the legislation are aspects that without being completely aesthetic will determine the design, it is fundamental to know them and to dominate them so that the development of the project is successful. At the purely aesthetic level, the typography or the illustrative choice of the pack, the brand’s own graphic codes and the coexistence between products of the range will mark the creative process.

The Alfalfa team with more than 20 years of experience dominates the more technical aspects of packaging design and the monitoring of the main international references keep us up to date on trends in design.

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