Point of sale communication

We design campaigns and point of sale communication. The evolution of the market and the demand has created new forms of communication at the point of sale. Each day it becomes more important to emphasize in the linear and differentiate itself from the competition. All the communication strategy in conventional or digital media must be extended at the point of sale, however we must not forget that the purchase decision is made at the point of sale and therefore it is there where communication becomes important and plays a Role. This is especially significant in consumer products, although the buyer already knows them, can make decisions on how much to offer and depending on different criteria once it is at the point of sale. Other products, however, that are not known by the buyer or more reflective purchases need to reinforce the communication messages and the attributes of the brand at the point of sale and therefore the communication in both cases will be totally different both to Level of image as at the level of texts or headlines.

From Alfalfa we conceived the campaigns for the point of sale and the design of the materials as well as the manufacture of the new supports.

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