Web & APP design

Web and APP design and digital marketing

We develop web and app design and digital marketing to make the strategy profitable in this type of media. Since the beginning of the digital communication we have been working these supports to offer our customers comprehensive communication solutions also in this area. During all this time, not only has the way the company or brand communicated with its audiences off line, but also the channels and marketing strategies that these channels have created for their existence. That is why digital media design has become part of the company’s global and corporate strategy. In the design of web media we not only act on aesthetic level but also study the navigation and creation of content, as well as the development and monitoring of the programming to optimize them from the point of view of SEO. In the area of ​​the apps, we collaborate with the developers in the design of the graphic image, through the study of the interface, the user experience and the design of the interaction to develop intuitive, practical and functional designs.

The rise of new technologies and the increasing use of this type of media has forced us to contemplate the channel as essential in a global communication consultancy, so at the consulting level in Alfalfa we also develop digital marketing plans.

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